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Giant King Grass: A Renewable and Sustainable Alternative to Fossil Fuels

Giant King Grass at six months

16 foot tall Giant King Grass

VIASPACE Inc. markets proprietary Giant King Grass--a high-yield, dedicated energy crop -- as a low carbon, renewable replacement for coal to generate electricity and heat, and as a nonfood feedstock for second-generation liquid biofuels to replace fossil fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel, and for green biochemicals, bio plastics and biomaterials.

VIASPACE also works with partners to develop biomass power plant and other green bioenergy projects that use Giant King Grass.

Giant King Grass uses local natural resources of warm weather, sunshine, rain and soil to produce a renewable and sustainable fuel.

Giant King Grass provides jobs for farmers and power plant and biorefinery employees. Money stays in the country rather than being spent for imported oil.

Giant King Grass provides energy security and energy independence.

Giant King Grass is carbon neutral. Photosynthesis converts solar energy and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into plant material (biomass). Burning plant material in a power plant releases the carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, but it is reabsorbed again when the next crop grows making it carbon neutral.

Giant King Grass can be burned-either directly or in pellet form as a replacement for coal or oil in electric-power plants to produce low-carbon electricity and industrial heat. It can also be used to produce bio methane that is burned in an engine generator set to produce electricity.

CTO is standing in 13 foot tall Grass

CTO is standing in 13 foot tall Grass

Giant King Grass can be used as a feedstock to make liquid transportation biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol, butanol and green gasoline and to produce biochemicals and bio plastics.

Giant King Grass is a non-food crop and can be grown on marginal lands which are not used for growing food Using food crops to produce biofuel is discouraged or banned in almost all countries around the globe.

Giant King Grass is low cost because of its extremely high yield and meets the cost targets of green energy applications. Electricity produced from burning Giant King Grass is much less expensive than electricity from oil, solar and wind. Furthermore, Giant King Grass and other biomass power plants can operate 24 hours a day, whereas solar and wind produce electricity only when it is sunny or windy.

Giant King Grass pellets can be used to replace up to 20% of coal in existing power plants which reduces carbon emissions by 20% while preserving the large capital investment.